smoke signals, 2011 – 2012

A medium is a substance between two others, a vehicle for transmission.

My work serves as an alchemical medium through which messages, simultaneously profound and mundane, can be communicated. The images in my work are constructed like a collage, where disparate elements are fused during the alchemical process of making an image. The elements used have been pulled from a variety of places including magazines, the internet, and observational drawing. The result takes the form of something like a motivational poster with shape-shifting slogans significant to everyone and no one in particular. When generating this work I was looking at personal as well as global events, and inspired by the idea that this year is one of transformation. Upheaval often leaves us looking for guidance, but as the elected officials and the system of global capitalism continues to surpass our expectations for corruption, greed, and destruction, we are left searching for other forms of wisdom.


1. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.
2. Tak in slow deep breaths and imagine with each breath in, you are breathing in light; and expelling darkness with each exhale.
3. Visualize your body filling with ligh from your belly out your limbs.
4. Continue until you are calm.

Diablo, 2012
oil on canvas
28” x 32”
avilable at DargerHQ


Time is a human invention. The speed of our neurons affects the speed at which we experience the flow of time. This however is an inverse relationship where the faster our neurons are the slower we experience time.

Hover Craft, 2012
oil on canvas
48” x 72”


Avian influenza is a flu infection in birds. The virus that causes the bird infection can mutate to infect humans. Such a mutation could start a deadly worldwide epidemic. The avian flu virus has been shown to survive in the environment for long periods of time. Infection may be spread simply by touching contaminated surfaces. Birds who were infected with this flu can continue to release the virus in their feces and saliva for as long as 10 days. The more the avian flu virus spreads, the greater the chances of a worldwide outbreak in humans. There is a tremendous concern that this poses an enormous pandemic threat.

Machu Picchu, 2012
oil on canvas
40” x 25”


Think of any region of space, such as the room you are in now. Imagine that whatever happens in this region amounts to information processing—information regarding how things are right now is transformed by the laws of physics into information regarding how they will be in a second or a minute or an hour. Since the physical processes we witness, as well as those by which we’re governed, seemingly take place within this region, it’s natural to expect that the information those processes carry is also found within this region. But for black holes, we’ve found that the link between information and surface area goes beyond mere numerical accounting; there’s a concrete sense in which information is stored on their surfaces. Since the information required to describe physical phenomena within any given region of space can be fully encoded by data on a surface that surrounds that region, then there’s reason to think that the surface is where the fundamental physical processes actually happen. Our familiar three-dimensional reality, these ideas suggest, would then be likened to a holographic projection of those distant two-dimensional physical processes.

The Twins, 2012
oil on canvas
40” x 40”
avilable at DargerHQ



Continental ice sheets can experience extreme melting even when temperatures don't hit record highs, according to a new analysis by Dr. Marco Tedesco, assistant professor in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at The City College of New York. His findings suggest that glaciers could undergo a self-amplifying cycle of melting and warming that would be difficult to halt... In 2012 there was an unprecedented major melt of the Greenland's ice sheet where melt levels were 47% above normal. Click here for current conditions in Greenland.

Iceberg, 2012
oil on canvas
33” x 56”
avilable at DargerHQ