small craft advisory, 2012

Fair Warning

As the 2012 apocalyptic fervor runs high, I've been thinking a lot about signs. Many important historical, religious, and mythical events were heralded by some sort of unearthly sign, such as wandering stars or other strange lights in the sky. My work explores these types of phenomena. I've pulled images of odd sights from internet archives, displayed excepts from Wallace Steven's poems, A Primitive Like an Orb and The Man with The Blue Guitar, and included written reports from Jaques Vallee's and Chris Aubeck's "Chronology of Wonders" in the book Wonders in the Sky. What is brought to the fore in this work is the process of looking and reading. The information presented can only be fully seen through out-dated technology and the naturally reflective properties of water, while the text is abstract and vague. Within this work I suggest that the lens through which we view these phenomena may contribute to the lack of clarity and confusion within the subject. In the last 60 years, these strange sights have greatly increased in number, leaving behind many well-documented UFO reports. What exactly causes these phenomena is still unclear, but if the past is any indication of the future, perhaps something big is coming.

Elizabeth Kauffman