projections, 2006 – 2007

This series consists of photographs of female figures that have been distorted by projections. The projected images were collected from contemporary women’s fashion magazines. In the photographs (as well in real life) these projected images become a template for the naked female to place herself in, though she never quite fits. This work is rooted in the following questions: how do women accept these exterior signifiers and even seek them out to secure their identity as female, and how does society use these categories as signifiers to define women who don’t have a voice?

The photos were captured on large format film, scanned into digital format, and then printed out. Each print out is mounted to board and then covered with a thick clear resin. These specific methods of presentation create objects that seem to exist somewhere in between photography and painting, and through this ambiguity these photographs are able to be contemporary photographs yet still refer to the history of painting; and it is this history that has created the spectacle of femininity.